Shika & Gagan - An E Shoot At Altamont Pass Wind Farm

Indian Engagement shoot Altamont Pass Wind Farm

Altamont Pass Wind Pass is one of my personal favorite places. As a photographer that landscape pulls me in, in a way that is hard to describe. I have already shot some landscape pictures there which you can see here

Shika & Gagan live close by in Tracey area. So when they asked me about suggestions for the places for an Engagement shoot, I asked them if they were open to adventure at this wind farm. The couple, the adventurous duo that they are, just jumped on the idea. Icing on the cake - they also brought their lovely dog Rambo with them. I made good friends with Rambo, to an extent where he came over and licked my camera lens a few times. Typically, couples prefer a safe scenic place for an E shoot. But we love when the couple has a sense of adventure and they go out of their comfort zone to help us capture the images different from the bunch we typically see. An onsite shoot at a place like this is not always a piece of cakes. The winds were too strong (I guess that is why they put wind mills there) for a formal dress and makeup, specifically for the bride. The hike to the railway track was steep, rough and tricky. But our couple braved it well and we got awarded with some great moments. 

Sharing some images from the shoot here. I will be sharing there wedding gallery soon.