Neha + Mandeep

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She noticed him first time at a basket ball court and thought he was cool. Then they noticed each other at different occasions but never really talked. Fortunately, then they discovered that they were in the same class but yet it took quite some time for them to have a real conversation. One day she bumped into another student in the classroom and dropped her stuff. He stepped in like a gentleman & collected her books and other stuff and nicely handed over to her. Then he sent her messages with chocolates. She accepted the messages because she wanted to eat the chocolates. But it also helped break the ice between two. The more they talked the more they realized that they synched well in all the aspects. Fast forward 11 years, ..after a lot of talking, ups and downs, and moving countries , they finally decided to tie the knot!

No this is not a Bollywood movie story. Nonetheless this is the story of Neha & Mandeep, an awesome couple. And we feel privileged to have had the opportunity of capturing the story of their wedding day and creating some great memories for them.  And also for the opportunity of working along with other great artists and vendors who helped to make this wedding memorable. 

Here is the visual story about how their wedding celebrations unfolded. Congrats Neha & Mandeep !

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