Casa Real Ruby Hill Winery Indian Hindu Wedding | Rijul & Aastha

Indian Hindu Wedding Casa Real Ruby Hill

We booked this wedding almost two and a half year in advance. It is an honor when the families trust us so much that they book their wedding dates with us so much in advance. Before shooting the wedding, we also shot a small engagement party for Rijul and Aastha at their house.

This Indian Hindu Wedding at Casa Real Ruby Hill Winery was planned and beautifully designed by Floramor studios. Samantha from Casa Real gave us all the stellar support making sure all the events rolled out smoothly. We started with shooting some couple pictures around the beautiful property. The baraat was real fun, with everyone dancing to the tunes of Wicked Entertainment, Dholi Dev and with groom's brother playing saxophone. The beautifully decked up horse for the baraat was provided by Hackney Horse and Carriage. Wicked Entertainment also provided music and lighting during the ceremony and reception. We captured so many fun and emotional moments both during the ceremony and the reception. Aastha looked stunning beautifully dolled up by Anjali from Glam Angelique, and with beautiful Mehndi art by Hussain Maaz.

One of the highlight of this wedding was the talented Goyal family. During the reception, Rijul, the groom, sang a beautiful heartfelt song on his Guitar dedicated to his bride Aastha. His brother also played some tunes on Saxophone during the baraat and reception. The brother duo also entertained the guests with their musical talents at their Sangeet night.

Enjoy some moments from this beautiful wedding.