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Working with top professionals brings both - an opportunity to learn and get inspired, and at the same time the pressure is always on to come across as a true professional yourself. It was great to work with Tanuja & Sriram and shoot their multiple day wedding. Tanuja is an entrepreneur working on a start up idea. And Sriram works with a leading Tech company in Bay Area. It is hard to imagine how these two extremely busy professionals put together an amazing multi day wedding. Of course, having a professional wedding planner on board helps too, that is where Rekha Sachania from My Event Designer played an instrumental role. 

While discussing about their wedding and also during the wedding events, I was totally mesmerized by how soft spoken Tanuja was, her hindi has a very sweet poetic touch. Then she told me that she hails from city of Lucknow from India. Anyone who knows about that city would know then that was not a surprise.

We started with shooting the pooja ceremony at Livermore Hindu Temple, attended by close friends and family. The next was a beautiful sangeet ceremony at scenic Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery. The beauty of the place was further enhanced by the decor designed by Ajooba Events.There were colorful bangles and bindis for ladies to put on. The next event was wedding, again at Livermore Hindu temple, and then Reception at San Ramon Marriott.

Amazing vendors at this wedding - My Event Designer Wedding Planning by Rekha, Mishal Sehdev from Mishal Sahdev Beauty Studio, Ajooba Events, Thomas Hughes FilmsAmber india San Francisco, Yonan's Floral, Satura Cakes Los Altos, JL Imagination, Tangerine Hookah Bar San Jose, Gungun Kapoor Total Desi Entertainment, DJ Salim, Meri Sakhi Creations, Hartman Studios, Chisel it Ice, Elite Entertainment, Black Tie Transportation.

Sharing some images from the Sangeet and Wedding. 

Indian Hindu Wedding Livermore Hindu temple
Indian Wedding Photographer Bay Area
Indian Wedding Photographer San Francisco
Indian Wedding Photography Bay Area
South Indian Wedding Photographer San Francisco
Wedding Photographer
Indian Hindu Wedding Livermore Hindu temple

Indian Hindu Wedding Livermore Hindu temple