Namitha + Sagar

Union square San Francisco Engagement session


We strive to create creative images for our clients. And sometimes our clients stimulate that creativity in us. Same thing happened at this shoot. I am not a big fan of jumping pictures, always thought those look cliche. But done with energy and total involvement, it can bring in a lot of fun and zing to the shoot.

Namitha & Sagar brought lots of energy and fun ideas to this shoot. From a jumping picture where he is trying to fly away and she is keeping him grounded to the soap bubbles, and their favorite book through which they find the common interest & connected when they first met online. We also had a helium balloon as a prop. But while we were taking other shots, the balloon just flew away. We could'nt keep the balloon grounded.

We started the shoot at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco and were planning to get some sumptuous sunlight shots. But as is typical with the city, by the time we started the shoot the clouds had set in and sun was gone. It also became very cold. Kudos to Namitha & Sagar for braving the cold as they kept smiling and playing for the camera. Our second destination was waterfront, but considering the cold weather we decided to go to Union Square instead. That turned out to be a good decision and we got some pictures with the "city feel"

Can't wait to shoot their wedding which is coming soon. Here are some fun shot from this engagement session.

Union square  Palace of fine Arts San Francisco Engagement session