Bulla Ki Jana Main Kaun....

Rabbi Shergill Concert 

How would you describe the experience of simultaneously doing two things that you absolutely love. Magical ! Extra-Ordinary !

For me it was playing with my camera while listening to the live performance by my favorite artist, Rabbi Shergill, the artist par excellence. Besides being so popular in Bollywood, Rabbi has stayed away from the popular cliche' music. His music is both soulful and different. One can feel the same vibe in his personality when on stage. He is for real.

Rabbi performed at this concert for a social cause, to help out United Sikhs Organization raise funds to fight the drug menace  that is so shockingly destroying state of Punjab in India. The cause is personally close to my heart. So is Rabbi's music. Thanks to my friend Ashween Sahni, I feel blessed to have had this opportunity  to volunteer at this event. Sharing some images here. 

Rabbi Shergill Concert photography