Baby Leo

I have a adorable nephew named Leo. This thanksgiving eve I got a chance to take some pictures of him, along with his parents - my cousin Tejinder and his wife Anna, and his grandparents - my uncle and aunt.

After we were done with group pictures I tried to take some shots of just Leo. I guess he was not happy in my dark and dingy garage studio. So we stopped and started chatting over cup of tea. In the meantime Leo had a chance to step out to the backyard with his grandpa. He was happy and amused with the open, well lit space and colorful fall leaves all around. As they say your images are as cheerful as your subject , with Leo so happy and playful in the backyard we got some great shots. 

In the evening we enjoyed a sumptuous and elaborate dinner made by Tejinder and Anna. A great Thanksgiving indeed ! Got so many things to be thankful for. 

Sharing some images from the day here.  

Bay area family photographer