Kalire - A Bridal Ornament

Kalire are yet another set of ornaments worn by Punjabi Brides, which further adds color to the overall wedding attire.

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These are hanging ornaments worn on the hands, usually friends and sister-in-law tie Kalire to bride’s hands. They hang like beautiful chandeliers and come in a variety of colors to match bridal outfit. Kalire are encrusted with dried coconut and dried beetle nuts

Traditionally they are worn by the bride for 40 days after the wedding. Newlywed brides then don’t have to do any household work with big, jingling ornaments. Smart women.

To take those off, there is a tradition that bride rubs her hands against each other to drop the Kalire on the heads of unmarried girls, and who so ever gets the Kalire first is expected to get married within a short period.

This is similar to western weddings, where in , towards the end of the wedding celebrations, when the bride is about to depart, she throws her bridal bouquet to a group of unmarried girls following her, and whichever girl catches it is expected to get married next.

What an amazing similarity of this traditional practice, though these cultures are so different. This again reinforces the common human essence underlying everything, only expression is different. If only perpetrators of hate could understand that. 

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