Mozart's Birthplace

The city of Salzburg is a beautiful, and  famous for being birthplace of  Mozart. UNESCO has declared it as a World Heritage site. The city attracts so many musicicans and all other kinds of artists. Streets are bustling with live music bands, painters, some great restaurants etc. The train journey from Munich to Salzburg itself was scenic,  and then Salzburg itself offers great opportunities for great shots.  Stayed there for a night and did a little hiking in the early morning. The last picture here is a view of  Salzburg city in the early morning mist. In the evening people dress up nicely to attend music concerts, as most of those concerts have dress code. Managed to  attend one which did not have a dress code - in jeans and T shirt. It was Friday evening and after attending the concert wanted to hang out in a bar, the start of weekend had those bars and restaurants full. At midnight while sitting at the bar all by myself , I met three Punjabi guys on a Europe tour. Now imagine that - bumping into three Punjabi guys at midnight in one corner of a bar in Salzburg. Two of them were from UK and their third friend is doing automobile engineering near Munich. We discussed cars and life in US and Europe over couple of drinks before breaking at about 1 am. They were driving back to Munich. 

Sharing some pictures from this great trip.