Passion Matters

In 1967 this guy came to US from Italy and started working for a pizza shop, soon he realised that the pizza that they were making was no good, no where close to what his mom used to make at home on Easter. He invited his brother to join him and they opened their own Pizza restaurant in the heart of Downtown Chicago. The recipe was borrowed from their mother and the restaurant was named after her "Giordano's". They started offering stuffed pizza, which combined with a great and friendly service created a unique experience for the customers.  Today this restaurant in the heart of Downtown Chicago draws big crowds, with long lines outside. There is atleast 40 minutes wait to get seated. Even the smallest pizza costs around 20 bucks but the quality and taste is amazing. You gotta have a big apetite to finish even a small pizza.  The recipe for pizza has evolved over time, but their recipe for success is still the same - a great passion for authentic and quality food coupled with great service to create this unique experience. Passion does matter.